About PFML

PFML, Lda. started its activity in 1991. Since then, it has operated in several areas always with the utmost professionalism and precision, both in the relation with clients and other partners, as well as in the service of their needs.

The main sectors of activity of PFML are metalworking in general, (serial) production with progressive stamping, manufacture of parts in reinforced plastic (fiber glass), transformation and cutting of textiles for the automotive industry

PFML prouds itself of being a versatile and multifaceted company. It possesses equipment, infrastructure and a work force prepared to answer the full pallet of demands within its area of operation.


The current facilities were acquired in 2009. With this move, PFML took advantage of the excellent existing space, improving it and adapting it not only to its usual activity, but also to new technologies and techniques in the market, thus enhancing its productive capacity, service portfolio, and operative efficiency.

The industrial facilities are situated in Estrada de Enxarrapais, Palmela, Portugal totalling an area of 13000 squared meters, with a production area of over 1800 squared meters.


“An enterprise is a human system supported by a technical system, not the reverse”. Roberto Tranjan


At PFML we know that we are not isolated from the outside. Alongside a careful management of the human resources of the company, the choice of partners is essential for the harmonious well-being of the whole system. We believe that success is not only ours but it also belongs to the those that work with us.


Client Satisfaction

PFML has well-defined processes for the identification of the necessities and requirements of its clients, in order to plan and provide services that satisfy and, if possible, exceed the expectations of its clients.


We are committed to the enhancement and technical evolution of equipments and techniques, with constant involvement of PFML's work force, thus improving our services to our clients and partners.